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The mission of the Dr. Stevens and Swearington is for us to walk in our purpose, use our platform with exuding passion to provide a trusted and indispensable source of information, that’s real and relevant that will transform people’s lives while exercising endless power to encourage our viewers and bring happiness, resolution, and a sense of fulfillment to every guest and viewer.


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In 2014, Broadcast Journalist Dr. Michelle Stevens created "The Dr. Stevens Show." Then in 2016 Coach Yava Swearingtion came on board and the show was renamed "The S&S Show with Dr. Steven & Coach Swearingtion." It's a monthly evening talk show hosted by two women who offers their take on the opening "Hot Topics" segment. Later, the ladies welcome various guests, who join them in a conversation for the audience. The program also offers tips on beauty, business, health and wellness, relationships, spiritual wellness, and much more. 

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