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About Executive Producers

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Dr. Michelle Stevens

Advocate, Author, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Executive Producer/TV Host, Inventor, Mentor, Minister, Self-Empowerment Educator, Speaker

Dr. Michelle Stevens earned her Doctorate in Theology, and a minister of the Gospel. Dr. Stevens specialized expertise includes business development and empowering women. She is the president of the "Queens Network for Women," which helps women and young girls get a second start in life. She's also the host for various workshops to help women through growth and development..........

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Coach Yava Swearington

Author, Certified Life Coach, Self-Empowerment Educator, Producer/TV Host, Speaker

Coach Yava Swearington is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Certified Life Coach, Social Media Host, and Serial Entrepreneur. Coach Swearington is known for heartfelt compassion, with direct approach. She specializes in working as a Relationship Coach and as a Personal Life Coach. Her method style and techniques are transformation and solution-focused. Coach Swearington is a graduate of Norfolk State University, and has earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she holds two active licenses as a Realtor and an Insurance agent for the state of Texas. She is the proud owner of Texas Real Estate HUB, a real estate company. Coach Swearington is an Executive Producer, and an Online TV Host for the Dr. Stevens & Swearington Show, which is also referred to as The S&S Show.


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Coach Mea Allman, MCC, HNCLC-C

Master Life Coach/Producer/Director, Writer/TD/Production/Art & Web Designer

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Ciara Stevens

Beauty Consultant & Makeup Artist for Dr. Michelle Stevens

Kayla Bates - S&S Makeup Artist.jpeg

Kayla Bates

Beauty Consultant & Makeup Artist for Coach Yava Swearington

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