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MCRoyal Podcast with Dr. Stevens

Dr. Michelle Stevens MCROYAL podcast (Your Body Is Your Temple) offers engaging and compelling information about being healthy with nutritional solutions to help you meet your goals, whether it’s weight loss or just a healthier you. You are sure to enjoy some good recipes, testimonies, and years of experience from fitness and nutritional coaches and experts in various fields of study. You will laugh but you will certainly gain tons of information when it comes to health and well-being. The show is hosted by MCROYAL, a certified master life coach and a certified nutrition coach,

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YA’VOICE Podcast with Yava 

Lets Talk About It On Ya Voice Podcast with Yava.jpg

YA’Voice podcast will discuss relationships issues through different social media platforms. The podcast will focus on relationships pertaining to matters of the heart. The podcast will feature the general public, it will conduct live interviews or take questions from the audience. The goal is to help the viewers to begin the process to let go and to heal. The audience will be able to express their concerns, hear from others, measure it and learn from it.  If nothing else, become aware of what’s best or not right for them.

The approach is straightforward with compassion but informative. So, grab a cup, blanket or pen so you be sure not to miss Ya’Voice with Yava (Let’s Talk About It)! Hosted by Coach Yava Swearington a Certified Life Coach since 2012, A wife, mother, serial entrepreneur and Life Coach.

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